Keepsake Custom Tattoo And Body Piercing
1969 BMW 1600/ M2 conversion
The specifics on what it took to build this beauty are lengthy. Back when we started the car it was purchased in suburbian Connecticut, rusting in the drive. I insisted that the owner at least take fifty dollars for the car. This is a indication of the condition at the time. It hadn't been run or driven in a number of years, like twenty? She was pretty bad off and hideous as hell.

Eight years later she was a frankenstien of power and beauty. Bodywise she's pretty stock, with most of the trim removed, and the front bumper mounts and holes removed. At the rear of the car we created a second exhaust dimple for dual exhaust so it looks factory. The front spoiler is a modified valance for 2002 model bmw with bumpers, that we cut back to fit the bumperless nose.

She sits on lowered H&R springs on 17" rears, and 16" fronts. The tires are yokahama, with identical sidewall front and rear. Along with the suspension work we reworked new drums and emergency brakes in the rear, and oversized euro bmw rotors with 4 piston Volvo calipers up front. She goes down the road like a modern car with that old car feel. It's really a treat to drive.

The drivetrain in the car is out of a 1988 BMW M3. This BMW engine makes around 220hp being a fuel injected 2.3Liter monster. There were many hours in adapting the motor into the car with mounting/ wiring/ shift hydrolics/ fuel delivery/ and sensors. Take a look at the gallery of pictures during the process of the build to learn more. Hope you enjoy it like we do here at Keepsake Tattoo.
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