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Body Piercing and Jewelry
Keepsake tattoo is proud to offer body piercing. We are the closest studio performing body piercing to the seacoast. Within minutes of both Hampton Beach, and Salisbury Beach we are here for you convenience. Moments off Rt. 95, we are ready to take walk-ins for body piercings in a timely manner. Keepsake upholds extreme standards in practice and safety while performing piercings. Put our piercers extensive experience to work. Read on for more information about piercing process and aftercare.

We perform body piercings with single use hollow surgical steel needles. They are pre-sterlized, opened in front of the client and dipossed of in front of the client. This single use process by hand, insures safety for the individual. Gloves are worn by the piercer at all times throughout the process with a clear explanation of it, by the piercer. Take comfort in the cleanliness of the process combining sterility and high standard jewelry.

Jewelry standard is perhaps the most important element of body piercing. Here at Keepsake we use 316lvm surgical stainless steel, which exceeds that of implant grade metals used internally by surgeons. This standard insures that there is less a chance of allergic reaction to impurities. Allergic reactions to jewelry commonly cause continued irritation impeeding healing, and can lead to rejection. Rejection happens when the body pushes the jewelry towards the surface. This jewelry standard insures the best result of your piercing.

The second most important difference with jewelry types are externally and internally threading. External threading exposes the threads of the jewelry to the tissue of the body during insertion. Internally threaded jewelly, has threading on the ball of the jewelry rather than the bar or ring. Therefore, there is no further tissue damage due to the threads during insertion. Keepsake uses only this extreme metalic standard, and internally threaded jewelry, to insure the best possible result for your piercing.

CARE INSTRUCTION, is given to all clients recieving body piercing at Keepsake both verbally and written. It is imparitive that customers follow care instructed by the piercer to insure proper healing. Our piercers offer free check-ups to have a look at piercings during the healing process. Available by phone or email, we will be here to help you any and all questions along the way. Care Instructions soon to be available on this site, coming soon!