We are always adding to our list of shop merchandise. Keep scrolling down to see some of the creative stuff we have to offer for both men and woman. Keepsake Customs hats, aftercare products, Dickies work shirts and jackets, Custom hoodies, and jewlery are just some of the stuff we have at the same fair and affordable prices you’re used to. Stop by and check out what we have going on and grab a new tattoo or piercing while you're at it !!

keepsake hats

Our custom hats come in a variety of colors and styles throughout the year. We're always do our best to provide our customers and supporters with the highest quality merchandise to show your support for Keepsake Custom Tattoo & Body Piercing


Every minute of every day around the world, someone is using a Tattoo Goo product. Since 1998, Tattoo Goo has sold millions of products and provided artists and customers with the finest products for healing and long-term body art aftercare.


We proudly offer gift certificates for all things Keepsake related. We also reguraly have sales promotions which lead to a nice discount off of your purchase. Keep up with all the specials and events taking place at Keepsake Custom Tattoo & Body Piercing